A Divorce Ceremony Can Help!

A Realationship break up can be very traumatic!

Divorce has the ability to carry with it conflicting emotions of love and hate, intense feelings of resentment and all the emotions associated with grief.

Divorce almost always affects more than two people.

Next to death, divorce is one of the most stressful events in anyone's life and when you consider that over half of all marriages end in divorce its easy to understand why support and help is vital during the divorce process.


Finalization of divorce can seem to be no more than signing a document and posting it. I have heard it said, " So that's it...is it?" In answer to that, I would say, no, not necessarily.

A divorce ceremony or divorce ritual goes a long way to answer the question.........to finalizing the process in our minds, to providing closure.

Performing a ritual to acknowledge the end of a relationship is an important part of the healing process. Whether it is a breakup of a love affair, a special friendship or the dissolution of the legal bonds of marriage, this ceremony is intended to resolve issues, tie up loose ends, and assist greatly with the moving on process. Many emotions will surface during the ceremony and you can very gently, with love, put feelings to rest and assign them to a place in your life: the past.

Were you recently divorced? Or did your long term relationship breakup?

Not all relationships end amicably or in a timely fashion. And for that reason some of us need assistance to enable us to move to the next phase of our lives.

This is a divorce ceremonies guide that will help you to create your own personalized ceremony.

....a ceremony that not only reflects your unique situation, but will go a long way to assisting with healing of the heart, forgiving and also celebrating the past and most importantly to releasing the future

One partner or two?

The ceremony can be very successfully conducted with only the one partner participating. There can still be a healing outcome but ideally the ceremony is conducted with both partners present. To have both partners present offers the greatest potential for positive closure. Friends or family may also be present to lend their support

This e-book contains three ceremonies or rituals.

1 A ceremony with one partner present and the celebrant or officiant

2 A ceremony with both partners present and the celebrant or officiant

3 A ceremony with both partners, children, family, friends and celebrant or officiant

How do I go about actually making my ceremony... putting it all together?

1. Read the ceremonies.

2. Decide which of them best suits your personal situation.

3. Copy material and or adapt what you would like to use.

4. Include any of your own material.

5. Paste it under the headings required.

6. Choose your font........

7. Print your ceremony

8. Locate an officiant or celebrant or ask a trusted, respected friend/s to assist with your ceremony.

Here are excerpts from the ceremonies.....

"It is John and Mary's wish today that you, their family and friends will form a community of support for them and as a result a reciprocal sense of enrichment and a greater height of love and support for one another will be gained by ..........."

"........... this ribbon symbolizes the severing of your vow of marriage to one another. You each now hold half of the ribbon. Let it serve as a reminder to you of your responsibilities to each other and to ........"

"....it is clear that physically and legally your marriage is over and finished. Even though this is the case, you should see it not as an ending but a new beginning. Your marriage was an important part of your life. When you look back, do so with respect and honour".

"We've come together today as a supportive group of family and friends to witness the closing of one door - the ending of one chapter and the opening of another door, the beginning of a new chapter........"

"...........When morning sends the drenching showers or evening comes to wither. Life has changed in many ways but some things last forever like memories of happy times that we all spent together." From a reading 'Mutual Hearts', author unknown

"..............The music stops and yet it lingers on in sweet refrain. For every joy that passes something beautiful remains." From a reading 'The Tide Recedes' by M D Hughes

"I say farewell to this part of my life and in doing so release all pain and sorrow. I welcome the new and the good into my life."

"......... from your "marriage" candle please light your "new beginnings" candle. Then extinguish your "marriage" candle. By doing this you symbolize the taking of the positives, the good memories and achievements from your marriage as enlightenment and strength, as you now persue different paths."

"John, I release you from our marriage. Please forgive me for any hurts I have caused you As I forgive you. I wish you............"

"The great breaks in life's pattern, major changes in life take a great emotional toll. From such change we do well to strengthen ourselves inwardly, reinforce our positive attitudes and realize the truth that when one door closes..........."

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I'm Elizabeth Gray, a popular celebrant who gained a Diploma of Marriage Celebrancy at the International College of Celebrancy in Melbourne, Victoria in 2003.

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